Application Development

Application development is a broad term covering mobile and desktop application development. With a broad range of operating environments and platforms available, it is important to have applications that perform.

After gathering requirements, a design phase is undergone to ensure hardware, software and user requirements are met. Once coded, the software undergoes a rigorous test-bed phase before an initial product is provided to the end user for testing. 

Website Development

It is a common trend amongst organisations to put off redesigning their website, citing reasons like expense, or lack of skills.

This is where we come in – offering catered websites for your business specific needs, and at a fraction of the cost you’d typically expect. We utilise the four main areas of focus – Mobile, Layout and colour, Search Optimisation and Load time – to create an effective yet affordable finished product.

Portals & Intranets

As the benefits of efficient communication inside an organisation are becoming more integral to a businesses' success, it is imperative to have channels which encourage collaboration and communication. 

Having a centralised staff portal or intranet increases productivity - giving staff a 'home' to access all the necessary tools and information they need to perform effectively. Acting as a tool to share corporate communication also ensures that all staff are receiving the same information at the same time. 


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