What Makes A Good Website?


Can you remember the last time you used the phone book or newspaper to find a product or service? I can’t.

The internet is now the main tool used to search for whatever you need; products, services, assistance, etc. If someone is looking for something and your business is a potential candidate, you need to be seen and you need to look good.

Your website is typically the first impression a potential customer gets when investigating your business and what you offer – you maintain a tidy and appealing store for when potential customers visit, why should your website be any different?

What makes a good website?

Modern, clean and easy to navigate

  • An effective website is modern, easy to navigate with all necessary information in easy reach – this includes contact details, location and opening hours if you have a store. It’s important that your website isn’t too overwhelming to the visitor, saving most of your information for pages other than the landing page.

Give the customer a solution to their problem

  • Typically, the reason that someone has arrived on your site is that they are looking for a solution to a problem. It’s imperative that you offer the customer a solution, or an easy way to get started on the right track. Whether this is a product section or an offer for a free quote online, it’s important that the customer knows you can help them within a short time from arriving on your site.

Your website needs to look great on all platforms

  • As of 2017, it’s estimated upwards of 35% of all web traffic in Australia was done on mobile devices, whether a mobile phone or tablet. It’s crucial that if a visitor uses their mobile device to view your site, that your site is just as accessible and clean as the desktop version.

Make it look professional

  • When a user is viewing your site, it’s not a good look if there are visible spelling mistakes, or even blurry images that have been blown up too big. It pays to regularly ensure that all links are still active, with no dead links – it’s never a good look when a user hits a ‘404 Not Found’ error

The result of not having an effective website is your potential customer using that most useful of keys – the back button. If you want potential customers to stay on your site, envision yourself as a potential customer and keep the above in mind.


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