ECM | Is Your Document Management Process Losing You Money?

How long does it take you to get the documents you want?


If you are like most businesses, you lose, on average, 2-4 hours a week rounding up everything you need.

You don’t want to lose time searching for the documents you need, but you don’t have a choice. Your current way of storing documents in folders, email or existing ECM software solution doesn’t match your needs.

Most ECM software manage information through a more traditional approach such as silos. At a glance this seems the right idea. It’s not, here’s why.

Why Traditional ECM Software Solutions Don’t Work

A lot of businesses buy into the sales pitch traditional ECM’s use.

And it makes sense.

You have a lot of content, so you organise it into different storage and business units (IE-Silos). Each unit holds a particular type of content, or project, or period of time’s worth of work.

When you need to recall that specific document, all you need to do to get it is go to the silo it is stored in and retrieve it.


This seems like a simple and easy to use content software solution. So why do so many companies lose money using it?


Your company’s content isn’t static. Your company constantly has a demand for previous content. It could be for sales, research, comparison, updating systems - it doesn’t matter.

These needs won’t be met using a traditional static storage method. Eventually, you misplace or forget the silo type you stored the content in.

Or worse.

You need a document you haven’t used in a while, and you don’t remember when you first created it or what silo it’s stored in.

The Big Problem With Traditional ECM Solutions

For a business to succeed, it has to adjust and react to situations in real time.

If you are using a traditional ECM software solution, you can’t.

Using ECM solutions not catered to your needs means you are stuck manually searching each silo hoping to hit the right one the first time.


This can take hours, every one of those can lose you business. Even worse, you give up and re-do the document from scratch.

If you have a compliance requirement such as some of the Food Industry clients we work with, the consequences can be more severe.

What you need is a content software solution that can process large amounts of meta-data, combine content tagging with AI features, and offer access to the content you need both instantly in the office and the field.

The M-Files Go Anywhere Solution

There are three things about M-Files that make it attractive to growing businesses.


The first is how it uses metadata, the second is how it uses phrase/word tagging, and the third is the AI learning function built into the system. The approach is to store something based on what it is rather than where it is stored. This approach means you can retrieve the document and so can the next person, you are future proofing your business.

M-Files is a new ECM software solution designed to:

1: Meet the needs of businesses in real time - With M-Files software solution your company can access the data it needs instantly in real time, anywhere. That means no more gatekeepers and time wasted sifting through silos. Users can also roll back to older versions of files without needing to wait for IT.

2: Be accessible and easy to adopt instantly - We talked about this in the last post, but it is worth mentioning again. M-Files is easy to learn and easier to use. This is key. If your team doesn’t like the solution, they’ll resist it. With M-Files, you won’t experience resistance.

Do you want to save your company money, save time wasted searching for files, and for your team to be able to easily access the content they need from anywhere in real time?

M-Files can help.

Discover The ECM Software Solution Your Business Needs

M-Files is used by hundreds of thousands of happy M-Files users all over the world. However, you may have a specific question. We have an expert on staff to answer your questions, outline how the system could benefit your company.

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