ECM | 4 Reasons M-Files Is The Best ECM Tool Available

For a business to succeed, it needs to leverage the competitive advantages available to it.


That’s why your company needs the best ECM tool available on the market. When share this view with people at networking events or client meetings, they all have a similar response,

‘Our current ECM system is fine.’

You wouldn’t pay a premium for food that is just ‘fine’. You wouldn’t pay to see an entertainer where the reviews say they are ‘fine’.

So why would you settle for anything less than the best? Especially when there is a solution that is rich in functionality and competitively priced compared to its rivals?

Simple. We are more comfortable with the problems we know, rather than the solutions that the best can bring. Here’s why.


Why Businesses Stick With Bad Services

People are creatures of habit. They generally avoid making changes. If they have a problem, they get used to it and come up with a workaround they need to keep going.

Despite this, more companies switch to M-Files every day. Why? Because it is the best ECM tool on the market. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are four reasons your company needs M-Files.


Industry analysts have also recognised the M-Files approach to intelligent information management, labelling it as “Visionary” in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

4 Reasons M-Files Is The Best ECM Tool Available

What follows are the four integral things that set M-Files apart from the competition-no matter what your industry is.

Reason 1: M-Files Unifies Information

The biggest issue people face with ECM tools is they don’t unify the company’s information. They use outdated silos or overly complex storage systems that make it difficult to retrieve your documents when you need them.


M-Files does away with the gatekeepers traditional to ECM software, by unifying information across multiple platforms such as:

  • Documentum

  • Dropbox

  • Box

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Open Text

Reason 2: M-Files Has A Growing Network Of Responsive Partners

At a glance, this seems to be beneficial for the people promoting M-Files (like us) and not the user

The opposite is true.

M-Files is the best ECM tool available. That means it attracts only the highest quality partners.

When you engage with M-Files, you get access to a growing global list of partners who can help you integrate M-Files strategically to rapidly scale your business.

Reason 3: Seamless Integration With Microsoft Products

M-Files was smart. They recognised the business world’s dependency on Microsoft and developed an ECM software that integrated easily with it. M-FIles integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and even Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Manage your Microsoft Office documents effectively – without changing the way you work.

  • Make Microsoft SharePoint even better.

  • Manage customers and their documents – No complex setups for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

That means you can quickly and easily add M-Files to your business without having to do complicated work arounds, bringing on extra IT staff, or wasting dozens of hours training your team to get started.

This is doubly important when using M-Files’ graphical workflow editor. You can easily and instantly set up different manual processes for office workflow-without having to learn convoluted systems!

M-Files Workflows

Workflows facilitate routine tasks of the organisation, such as processing purchase invoices.

Reason 4: Adaptable Pricing Models Fit To Your Needs

Value and price aren’t the same thing-any good business knows that.

However, one thing M-Files recognised right away was that the blanket pricing model of traditional ECMs didn’t reflect the value of the price a company paid.

That is why M-Files has licensing options both for companies and offices that let you decide the level of engagement you need.


This is key. By opening access this way, M-Files makes sure you only pay for the value you need without trapping you in an overly large contract where you only use 10% of the services you pay for!

Talk With An M-Files Expert And Discover How To Rapidly Scale Your Business

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