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Italia Ceramics tile and stone showroom is located 10 minutes from Adelaide CBD. It is one of the largest and most impressive retail showcases in the Southern Hemisphere, with a stunning range of wall and floor tiles, stoneware, fittings and room ideas on display. Innovation is Italia Ceramics philosophy, striving to bring their clients the latest looks in tiles and natural stone.


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25-50 Employees

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Italia Ceramics has a very aesthetic range of tile products, however they struggled to show this through an outdated website platform that lacked mobile compatibility and overall functionality to allow customers a great online experience. Prior to Advance’s engagement with Italia Ceramics, potential customers would not be able to find the detailed information needed through the website, making it necessary to visit the showroom. In order to make the buying experience simpler, Italia Ceramics wanted a redesigned site that kept their branding constant, with a visual structure that would highlight their constant innovation and being a leader within the industry.


Advance implemented the following application to successfully execute this project:



After consultation with the Italia Ceramics team, Advance decided on using the Squarespace website platform to effectively meet these requirements. The choice was a no-brainer, Squarespace allowed greater design capabilities to meet the clients needs, as well as simplicity when adding custom coding for seamless integration with other in-house applications like SAP. Advance’s experienced team was able incorporate a number of new e-commerce tactics that created a greater online experience for customers wanting to view and express interest in certain products, including a custom built ‘request a quote’ function that would send the customers desired product information straight to the Italia Ceramics sales team for immediate follow up.



The website development project deployed by Advance has seen a rapid increase in online leads for the Italia Ceramics team. Customers now have the ability to shop online and understand every detail of the products offered before even stepping foot in the showroom, from thicknesses, colours, finishes, care tips and more. The online experience for web visitors has also increased in-store customer conversion, with walk-ins now having greater access to product details beforehand. Web visitor duration on the site has also increased by 2 minutes, highlighting customers are spending longer browsing products and other relevant information, while mobile web traffic has also increased 28% - showing a greater need for tile and ceramic information while on the run.


Step 1: Attractive template design

Advance worked closely with the Italia Ceramics team to style a template that was not only visually attractive, but also portrayed the companies brand image and offerings.

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Step 2: Visual product galleries

Stocking hundreds and hundreds of products from various categories, it was essential to create a landing page that would allow easier navigation when searching for the desired products. As a leader in tiles & stoneware, it was a goal of Italia Ceramics to show successful work completed by their team through a projects page. This gives potential clients some examples of looks that can be re-created.


Step 3: Detailed product pages + wish list functionality

Italia Ceramics’ previous website lacked detailed product pages, meaning customers would have little to no information surrounding the product until they visited Italia’s physical showroom. With the new site, customers are now able to access product brochures and photo galleries to gain a better understanding of each individual product, as well as adding items to a customised ‘wish list’ function that sends their interest straight to the Italia Ceramics sales team to follow up.

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Step 4: Search Engine Optimisation

A great looking site is only part of the solution, especially if potential customers can’t find you on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of every page was a critical aspect of this project, ensuring Italia Ceramics ranked highly for related search terms.

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‘Advance took what we envisioned for our website transformation, and exceeded our expectations. Our new website now provides our customers with easy navigation and better mobile compatibility, as well as the addition of the wish list function allowing our customers to easily keep track of items that they like, and to request further information at the click of a button. A bonus is that it is now easily maintainable from our end, with accessible support from the Advance team when needed. ‘
— Charnie Reeves, Marketing Co-Ordinator at Italia Ceramics


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