Business moves from paper-based process to Digital Workplace Portal

We get a sense of pride when we can improve your systems and processes. One of our clients had a problem that required an ‘out of the box’ solution – read here about how we implemented an effective solution that vastly improved efficiencies utilising Intrexx, our flagship portal product and a leader In the space. 



The paper-based system was prone to human error and inefficient

For this client, on-time and accurate deliveries are a critical function of the business, alongside the ability to quickly audit data in the system. The previous paper-based system used handwritten faxes for order placements; this was inefficient, costly and prone to orders being slow, lost or even misinterpreted.


Design and implement a secure portal, enabling accurate digital ordering through an automated workflow

Advance began by analysing the client’s current problem, identifying areas that could be automated and improved. Once a plan was in place, Advance designed and developed a B2B Portal which would vastly improve the way the client provided services to their customers. 

A secure cloud environment was set up to host a private web portal utilising Intrexx, a leading portal solution, as the front end. Intrexx integrates into other systems with ease, connecting to repository data, enabling automated processes and connectivity with web-based applications, all with minimal programming. Intrexx was chosen for its abundant features, quick deployment capabilities, scalability and low-cost implementation. 

Intrexx offers a dedicated application store, offering ready to go web-apps which can plug directly into the portal, providing extra functionalities without the need to develop an application from scratch. Advance were able to easily implement a self-registration function for users, which was then tailored to work with the existing facilities and groups from an external database. After self-registering, access authorisation is sent directly to a site appointed approver. If a user is unable to log in, forgotten passwords and password resets are automated without involving portal admins or IT. 

Security limitations and user access restrictions were implemented on the Portal. As part of the process, all new users and user changes are routed through head office, to ensure only the right people have access to potentially sensitive information. 

Once a user is authorised by an approver, the user can only see information on customers and products relevant to their designated area or role. Portal users can submit updates and changes for a customer, with Intrexx supplying full auditing capabilities. Intrexx encourages worker collaboration, allowing users to send messages directly to Head Office, and download reports that previously were mailed out to the branch. This collaboration goes both ways, allowing Head Office to manage stock more effectively, reducing old inventory and keeping ahead of potential shortages. 


More than just efficiency improvements - improved security, privacy and reporting ability

Migrating from a paper-based process relying on fax machines, to a B2B portal integrating with the legacy database has improved the way this client operates as a business, but most importantly improved the service provided to customers. Data input errors have been reduced through controlled forms, communication and inventory management processes have been streamlined and the customer can now perform analysis on their data, generating reports, identifying trends and gaining business performance insights.