Is Your Disaster Recovery Up To Date?

What should I do with my old hardware?

An all too common trend in the IT industry is to give ex-production hardware a new lease of life running the disaster recovery site. Tight budgets often restrict capital expenditure to areas where real value is visible, and the impacts and results are noticed throughout the organisation. 

These initial savings can be quickly forgotten when an unplanned incident forces the switch over to your disaster recover site. Previous testing may have been successful on the DR equipment during your routine maintenance and test restores, but when a major incident occurs, are you confident that your DR is up to the task?

These are the questions you should ask yourself:

Will the dated hardware run our complete production workload?

How big is the impact on our users?

How long can we operate utilising the DR site before losing business?

How big is the impact on our customers?

It is not unusual for companies to consider that having high-end hardware offsite, doing nothing 98% of the time to be a waste of resources…

The key is to justify the initial expense, leveraging the DR site to provide an additional return on investment. An effective strategy is to live boot a complete clone of the production environment on a separate virtual segment, presenting a fast and accurate test development system.

Utilising Veeam combined with HPE Nimble Secondary Flash Array technology and your favourite hypervisor, you achieve a fast, production ready DR solution. Accompanied with the additional benefit of a fully functional test or development system at your fingertips that can be spun up in minutes.

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